About us


Stockz B.V. is founded in 2017 by two ambitious entrepreneurs. They recognized that too often fitness flooring was seen as an afterthought, which lead to various issues such as:

– Missed opening dates because of untimely deliveries;

– Quality issues because of incorrect decisions on what product to lay in which area of the health club;

– Budget challenges because of significant overspending due to urgency;

– Large European rubber flooring manufacturers were not organized to deliver smaller, steady supplies at the right quality and level service to an industry so specific with      it’s demands and wishes as the fitness industry.

Stockz differentiates its self by being able to deliver a vast range of high quality rubber floor coverings, directly from stock, at a competitive level! We also pride ourselves in the fact that we contribute significantly to the circular economy; our rubber products consist almost exclusively of recycled car and truck tires.

Sybe de Wit

Sybe has been working in the Rubber industry since 2014. With his extensive sales experience and his large network, he always makes sure that our customers can fulfill their flooring commitments.

Frank Muntz

Frank is well-known in the Rubber industry, in which he has worked for over 20 years. His 2 decades of experience ,combined with the ambition to always improve, make him the uncrowned king of rubber and seals.

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