Fitness Tiles

Dimensions:500×500 / 1.000×1.000mm
Thickness:Without nubs: 20mm / 30mm
with nubs: 30mm / 40mm / 45mm
Density:800kg/m3 – 900kg/m3 – 1000kg/m3
With Standard and extra fine texture
Colours:Black, Grey, Red, Green
Fire/Smoke classificationsEfl According EN 13501 / S2

Granulate fitness tiles 100% SBR rubber granulate
Our recycled granulate fitness tiles are available in two types, the standard version and our unique tiles with fine granules. These have fine granules and therefore a better and closer surface. This makes the tiles easier to clean and more hygienic than the standard tiles. We can deliver the tiles in 4 different colours.

The tiles are often used as a temporary floor and in heavy weight training zones such as in CrossFit boxes. The tiles are completely flat at the top and have a flared edge. We recommend to glue the tiles but it is also possible to fix the outer tiles between the walls and/or with a steel or aluminium profile.

The tiles have good sound insulation, the softer the tile the better the impact sound absorption, the tiles with studs also dampen the highs tones. The softer tiles (800 kg/m3) are, however, more subject to wear and have a shorter lifespan. The hard-pressed tiles (1000kg/m3) have the longest lifespan.

We supply a number of sizes and/or densities from our stock. If you are looking for a different size, contact us for the possibilities.

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