Granulate rubber sports floor systems

Granulate rubber sports floor systems

This strength absorbent elastic underlay is used for sports (pour) flooring systems. The PU pouring floor is applied on top the rubber mat in various layers. For gym and multifunctional rooms, a soft and absorbent floor helps to prevent injuries and joint complaints. This system has now become the standard.

Our various high-quality underlayers are sound-absorbent, permanently elastic, safe, resilient and suitable for various applications. The tip and surface elastic properties are ideal for professional sports as well as in rehabilitation.
In short, the right foundation for gymnastics, sports and schoolrooms.

For gym halls/floors our SPORTS FLEX elastic mat is the ideal solution. For multifunctional rooms where ball games such as hand or basketball take place, we recommend our SPORT elastic mat.

Our mats are being produced by cold pressing, which improves the properties compared to products that are pressed under high temperatures.

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