Protective mats


Protective mats standard

Our sustainable recycled rubber granulate mats can be used for the protection of floors during construction. They can be used temporarily and are inexpensive to purchase. This product is made from recycled tires. The rollers can be quickly placed and moved.

Thickness recommendations:
Standard flat roofs or floors: 6mm
Green roofs, uneven surfaces, underground garage roofs: 8-10mm
Under heavy load:> 12mm

* It is always better to apply 2 layers of, for example, 6mm than 1 layer of 12mm thickness.


Protective mats in sheet format

Our durable rubber mats are also available in 8mm sheet formats.

This plate size 500 x 500 mm in 15 or 20 mm thickness is used, for example, under solar panels and other roof structures etc.

Depending on the requirements, we can also supply other dimensions. inquire about the possibilities!

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