Roll Five

The “Five” sportsflooring is being produced out of 95% recycled black rubber crumb from truck tires and 5% new epdm. Due to the use of only truck tires this flooring has a very fine surface. The epdm color flecks are available in various colors. The joints and dirt are less visible on the Five sportsflooring.

Our highly compact and maximally robust rubber floor covering is immune to moisture and water, rot proof, elastic, insulates against impact sound and is suitable for a wider range of applications: Exhibitions, trade fairs and booths, fitness centers, crossfit, leisure rooms, sports centers, cloakrooms, ice rinks, mountain stations, firing ranges, warehouses, delivery vans and animal transporters, horsecarriers, etc.


FROM 4mm:
Cardio training, spinning, physiotherapy, yoga, exhibition, as subsoil protection, etc.
FROM 6mm:
Fitness studio, aerobic, shooting range
FROM 8mm:
Functional training, martial art, etc.  Horse wash box, horse box (wall kick plate), stable lane
FROM 10mm:
Ice rink, mountain / cable car station, ski rental, indoor spaces of golf courses
FROM 12mm:
Weightlifting area, crossfit


Roll width:
4mm – 6mm – 8mm – 10mm – 12mm – 14mm
As desired
Sheet formats 6 – 8 – 10mm:
Tile formats 500 x 500 | 1.000 x 1.000 mm 
Puzzle mats 600 x 600 | 1.000 x 1.000 mm
Length and width ± 1.5%, thickness ± 5%
SBR and EPDM rubber granules bonded with PUR
Black/grey, black/blue, black/orange, black/red, black/yellow, black/lillac, black/green
Quality type: 071.0980-5:
Other colour combinations on request!
Bulk density:
Approx. 980 kg/m3
Ultimate tensile strength:
> 1.8 N/mm2         |     Elongation at break: 118%
Compression (DVR): 
10 mm:  9% DVR with a compression of 25%                        ISO 815
Max. compression at 5N/mm²: 
12mm: 2.32 mm without visible damage                EMPA
Shock absorption: 
6mm: 15.7%                    EN 14904
8mm: 17.4%
10mm: 18.5%
12mm: 21.0%
Temperature stability:
-30° C to +80° C (in resting condition -120° C and for short periods up to +300° C)
Thermal conductivity:
0.17W/(mK)                     EN 12667
Fire behaviour:
Efl (normal inflammable; B2)                EN 13501
6mm: 17dB                       EN ISO 10140
Sound improvement: 
8mm: 18dB
Anti slip-property: 
Class R 10                     DIN 51130
Class DS                        EN 14041
Dynamic coefficient of friction µ 0.57              EN 13893
Electical properties: 
-0.7 kV (antistatic)                   EN 1815
Vapour diffusion:
Vapour permeable
Chemical behaviour: 
Resistant to water, numerous diluted acids and alkaline solutions;               EN 423
chically neutral; UV-resistant

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