Many of our products are manufactured from crumb rubber. Recycled crumb rubber is rubber which is ground in fine particles, often from used car or truck tires.

The crumb rubber is pressed into the desired shape by adding a PU binder under high pressure.

The manufacturing process from recycled tires to a new product usually requires a lot of energy. One of the factories we collaborate with uses a modern, more environmentally friendly technology, which means that far less energy is required to create our rubber products. 

Our high-end crumb rubber solutions are available in various sizes and designs. The majority can be delivered straight from stock. In the unfortunate situation where we do not have the requested product in stock (or when there is a specific custom-made request), we guarantee fast turnaround times.

Sports Flooring

Fitness Tiles

Sprint Tracks

Protection Mats

Anti Slip Mats

Tile Carriers

Acoustic Strips/Bearings

Composite Foam

100% EPDM Sports Flooring

SBR/EPDM Playground Tiles