Tile Carriers

Our tile carriers made of recycled rubber granulate are available from stock. The tile carriers are used under concrete tiles, solar panels, air conditioners, etc. to protect the roof. We can deliver the standard sizes quickly and customization is also possible.

  • Tile Carrier - Standard

    Tile Carrier – Standard

    Our heavy-duty rubber granulate mats protect all sorts of waterproofing foils, insulation and membranes from mechanical damage e.g. caused by sharp stones. They are quickly installed and immediately accessible. Range of applications: Flat roofs, gardens on roofs and in underground garages, multi-storey car parks (beneath driving surface), etc.
  • Tile Carrier - Solar AK

    Tile Carrier – Solar AK

    The Regupol® resist solar AK tile carriers are used in combination with a pvc roofing membrane. The 3-layer aluminum backing prevents plasticizer migration between non-rubber-compatible roof membranes (e.g. soft PVC) and the rubber tile carrier.

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